Why is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Against Ethanol Subsidies?

During his January/February 2016 Iowa campaign for President, Ted found many Iowa farmers were against his stand to stop government subsidies for ethanol production. Iowa farmers receive substantial income by raising corn to support the production of ethanol. Ethanol is used primarily as an additive to gasoline.
So why is Senator Cruz against government subsidies for ethanol? The Obama administration has spent billions of our tax money to subsidize ethanol production. Recently, Al Gore finally admitted that ethanol is adversely affecting our environment. It has been concluded that ethanol is not a “green” source of energy. By converting a food crop like corn into a fuel, for burning in our automobiles, is counter to our need to feed some of our own people that are undernourished. We, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, must stop government subsidies that support the use of food products to fuel our transportation system.

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