Water for Fracking

New Philadelphia, Ohio officials that oversee the Muskingum Watershed Conservatory District have halted the sale of water, from this reservoir, to oil and gas drillers. Drillers inject millions of gallons of chemical-laced water into the earth under high pressure. The high pressure chemical-water mixture is pumped into underground fossil fuel rich shale beds, causing the shale to fracture. By fracturing the shale, or fracking, natural gas or oil is released and forced above ground for storage, processing and sale. Environmental groups fear that withdrawing water, for the purpose of fracking, may deplete the reservoir leaving insufficient water for public and wildlife consumption. The Ohio officials have arranged for an independent water-availability study to assist in determining the advisability for future sale of water. Ref. “Water district halts sales to oil-drilling companies.” The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 6-9-2012.

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