The Appalling Statistics on Auto Fatalities and Injury

This week Tracy Morgan, a comedian, formerly starring on the TV “Saturday Night Live” show, was critically injured after a tractor-trailer rammed into his chauffeured limousine bus, ref. 1. The collision set off a chain reaction crash that left a fellow comedian dead and two others hurt. A truck driver from Georgia was charged with death by auto as a result. The limo bus, carrying seven people, overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike near Cranberry Township. The tractor-trailer driver apparently failed to notice the slow traffic ahead and swerved at the last minute in an attempt to avoid a crash. But it smashed into the back of the limo-bus, prompting a chain-reaction crash with a second tractor trailer, an SUV and two cars.

Driving your car is one of the deadliest undertakings in the history of mankind. When you drive your car, you impart the single largest impact on earth affecting a climate change. During 2007 the combustion of gasoline, for ground transportation, produced nearly 1,300 million tons of carbon dioxide. In 2005, about 33,000 people were killed in the U.S. due to auto related accidents. In the same year 2.4 million people were injured due to auto related accidents. The number of people killed and injured during each year since 2005 has not changed significantly. The media rarely reports these appalling statistics. Our congressional representatives rarely voice their concern about the slaughter and maiming of human life on our highways. Our administration is more concerned with closing a few coal fired electric power plants then reducing the toxic and climate changing fossil fuel emissions from millions of trucks and cars.

The “Common Sense Energy Plan” addresses how auto related fatalities and injuries can be significantly mitigated. In addition the plan answers the question: How can we significantly reduce and yes, eliminate the climate changing combustion of fossil fuels used for ground transportation?

Ref. 1. “Comic Tracy Morgan critically injured in pileup”, Parry, Wayne, Associated Press, Reported in Cleveland “Sunday Plain Dealer”, p. A17, June 8, 2014.