Our Pentagon pays $150. per gallon for “Green” jet fuel

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted in its report that a Pentagon official reported paying “about $150/gal. for 1500 gallons of alternative jet fuel derived from algae oil.” The GAO’s report examined the financial challenges facing increased purchases and use of alternative jet fuels by federal agencies. “Currently, the price for alternative jet fuels exceeds that of conventional jet fuels.” the report noted.

The price for conventional jet fuel is currently $2.88/gal. GAO’s report reveals that federal agencies have paid significantly higher prices in an effort to promote biofuels in commercial and military aviation. Currently, the military budget is being scrutinized in an effort to significantly reduce it. The administration requires the military to allocate funding for the development and purchase of alternative “green” fuels for aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. Eliminating this administrative requirement would certainly help to reduce the military budget, or at the least use the savings to fund more important projects, other then green fuels, for the safety and security of the U.S.

For additional information, a chapter in this book is devoted to an evaluation of biofuels.

Ref. Markay, L., Washington Free Beacon, 5-8-2014