Obama executive order: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors produce Clean energy

With this executive order, the Obama administration is finally seeing the “light” in their flawed energy policy. They are now pushing policies in support of small modular nuclear reactors, called SMR’s. In support of Obama’s executive order, the Washington state senate recently passed a bill that would count SMR’s among wind and solar as “qualified alternative energy resources” in the state’s voluntary alternative energy purchase program for utilities.

SMR developers have already looked at the federal government as one of their most important potential customers, ref. 1. SMR’s could be installed to provide secure, reliable power off the civilian grid for sensitive federal government facilities like a military base. According to a White House spokesperson, Obama’s executive order applies to two major DOE affiliated research institutions, the Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Tennessee Valley Authority spokesman Jim Hopson said: “TVA continues to believe in the potential offered by SMR’s and it is good to see that the Obama administration recognizes the same benefits for providing carbon-free electricity.”

1. Bandyk, Matthew, “Obama executive order tags small modular reactors as clean energy”, SNL Finacial, March 20, 2015.