German wind turbines sit idle

Germany paid wind farms $548 million to switch off, in 2015,to prevent damage to the country’s electric grid, ref. 1. Germany’s wind and solar power systems have provided too much power at unpredictable times, thereby damaging their power grid and causing potential electricity blackouts. To fix the problems, grid operators were paid to shut their turbines down.
Power demand is relatively predictable and conventional power plants, like nuclear and gas fired electric plants, can adjust output accordingly. Solar and wind power, however cannot easily adjust output and place extra stress on the grid, which can lead to blackouts or brownouts. The German government estimates that it will spend over $1.1 trillion to financially support wind power. Wind turbine fabrication, assembly and installation hasn’t achieved the government’s goal of actually reducing carbon dioxide emissions to slow global warming.

Ref.1 Follett, Andrew, “Germany Paid Wind Turbines $548 Million To Sit Idle.” The Daily Caller, News Foundation, 04/29/2016.