Famous UK Author Opposes Wind Turbines

Michael Morpurgo author of the international best selling book “War Horse” has slammed plans to build a 250 ft. high wind turbine in the real life setting of his book, in Devon, England. Mr. Morpurgo vehemently opposes the proposed turbine in Okement Valley and describes the location as an oasis of peace and wonder.” ref. 1.

Mr. Morpurgo wrote: As a result of the recent film and play based upon my book, War Horse, many more people are discovering the unique character of this corner of England, farming country where Joey (the war horse) grew up before he was taken off, as so many farm horses were, to the First World War. The proposed wind turbine threatens to despoil the entire area (of Devon), it will be intrusive to eye and ear, it will disturb the tranquility and cast a shadow over all who come here, city child or visitor and over those of us who live here and love this place.”, ref.1.

Penny Mills, a spokesperson for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said the cumulative impact of dozens of wind turbines in the area would be: “like living in a large wind farm which no one asked for and from which only a handful benefit.” ref. 1.

The book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”, by Brad Linscott, provides a fair and balanced assessment of energy produced by wind turbines. Our current experience with wind turbine farms has proven that wind produced electric power is significantly more expensive for consumers then the electricity produced by our conventional electric power plants. Wind has the disadvantage that it supplies fluctuating electric power to a grid. These fluctuations can disrupt an electric grid unless costly grid modifications are made. Of course these expensive modifications result in an additional increase in consumers electric bills.

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