DOE Awards $4.5 Million To Four Wind Power Projects

The DOE announced the award of a total of $4.5 million to support four research and development projects, ref. 1.
1. The Biodiversity Research Institute of Gorham, ME will receive $1.1 million. Their project is to develop a stereo-optic camera system to detect and document bird and bat flight behavior in the vicinity of wind turbines.
2. Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas will receive $1.4 million. They will develop a radar-based prototype to measure the flow of wind through wind farms.
3. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte will receive $ 0.5 million. Their project involves the design and build of a 30 kW multistage magnetic gearbox. According to the ref. 1 article the gearbox will be validated for reliability, efficiency and its potential to operate more quietly than currently available generators. (Author’s note: why does the gearbox have to be quieter than the generator?)
4. The University of Nebraska, Lincoln will receive $1.5 million. Their task is to develop an online health monitoring system for wind turbines. The wind turbine generator will produce electrical signals that will be tracked to monitor the performance of the generator. Changes in the generator performance will be used to determine the need for repair.

It is sad to learn that more taxpayer money is being used to support wind energy. Our voters are finally learning that as renewable energy sources increase production, our electricity bills will substantially increase. The cost of electricity in Germany has doubled in the last few years because of their increased reliance on wind and solar energy. Please contact your U.S. representatives. Request that they stop funding these DOE projects.

Ref. 1 “DOE Awards $4.5 Million To Wind Power R&D Projects”, North American Wind Power, News Department, September 18, 2014.