Current Content of “News”

The titles and dates of the articles contained on this website are listed below. The most recent article is listed first. The subject of each article supports the Common Sense Energy Plan advocated in the book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”
1. DOE FY2016 Funding Request up 42.3% for energy efficiency and renewables. 3-31-2015.
2. Obama executive order: Small modular nuclear reactors produce clean energy. 3-28-2015.
3. A new solar farm sets wild birds ablaze-so what’s new? 2-26-2015.
4. The U.S. without nuclear power, 2-19-2015.
5. Renewables lack capacity to replace 20% shutdown of coal electric plants in 2015, 2-8-2015.
6. Nuclear: The foundation of clean energy, 1-14-2015.
7. The number of global nuclear electric plants increased in 2014, 1-7-2015.
8. Will compact fusion reactors generate our electricity? 12-15-2014.
9. Small modular nuclear reactors, a major component in U.S. energy strategy, 11-25-2014.
10. Are wind turbines safer for humans than nuclear electric plants? 11-19-2014.
11. DOE plans effort to mitigate wind turbine market barriers in 2015, 10-31-2014.
12. DOE reports high electricity cost for offshore wind turbines, 10-26-2014.