German wind turbines sit idle

Germany paid wind farms $548 million to switch off, in 2015,to prevent damage to the country’s electric grid, ref. 1. Germany’s wind and solar power systems have provided too much power at unpredictable times, thereby damaging their power grid and causing potential electricity blackouts. To fix the problems, grid operators[…]

Walk-away Nuclear Power

Advanced nuclear developer X Energy LLC, will help build its “walk-away safe, high temperature gas-cooled reactor known as the Xe-100. Burns & McDonnell Engineering, and Southern Co., a subsidiary of Southern Nuclear Operating Co., will help to develop, with X Energy LLC, the cheaper and less time consuming factory-built reactor[…]

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander wants to end wind energy subsidy early.

Sen. Alexander introduced legislation, in July 2016, to end wind energy subsidies on January 1, 2017 instead of Dec. 31, 2019, ref. 1. Government savings of $8.1 billion can be realized by ending the subsidy two years earlier. Sen. Alexander proposes to use the savings to fund basic energy research[…]

Will climate change goals affect our need for nuclear electric power?

More stringent climate control goals could prompt an increase in the economic value of nuclear electric power plants. Natural gas fired plants produce about 50% of the carbon dioxide produced by coal fired electric plants of the same size. Nuclear plants do not produce carbon dioxide. The annual average Henry[…]

Will a surge in electric car sales cause electric grid blackouts?

The answer to the question, electric grid blackouts are likely to occur during the next ten years. The scenario described below is composed of factual information and logical assumptions. If the new 2017 administration does not take action to improve our energy capacity, it is concluded that electric grid blackouts[…]

Small Modular Reactors are Needed to Meet Climate Change Goals

Climate change is not a passing fad. It will shape the future of our energy mix, ref. A. The energy mix will be natural gas fired electric plants, solar and wind together with nuclear. The need for nuclear is clear because the size, operating characteristics and economics of wind and[…]

Why is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Against Ethanol Subsidies?

During his January/February 2016 Iowa campaign for President, Ted found many Iowa farmers were against his stand to stop government subsidies for ethanol production. Iowa farmers receive substantial income by raising corn to support the production of ethanol. Ethanol is used primarily as an additive to gasoline. So why is[…]

Solar Energy Remains in Infant Source Electricity

The Obama administration selected solar energy, in its infant stage, as a viable industrial source for electricity. Since the selection in 2008, solar energy for the production of electricity has proven to be an embarrassment to the Obama administration. Photovoltaics (PV’s) currently have a low conversion efficiency. As a result,[…]

Our 2015 Wind Energy Policy is in Shambles

Since 2008, Obama’s wind energy plan and its implementation has been and remains a disaster for our country. His inept energy policy rates on the same level as his inept policies on immigration, military preparedness and foreign relations. WIND TURBINES We would be smart to learn about the future of[…]

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize German Firm for Texas Wind Energy Facility

The Roscoe Wind Facility in Texas is the largest facility in the Southwest. It’s rated capacity is 782 MW. The facility is exempt from property taxes because of its location in Texas. This facility received an estimated $216 million in subsidies from the 1603 renewable grant program. The construction cost[…]