Biofuel Producer Accused of Violating EPA Tax Credits

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a notice of violations against the Evansville, IN based company: Imperial Petroleum and its wholly owned subsidiary e-Biofuels, base in Middletown, IN. The notices contend that both companies are liable for e-Biofuels’ alleged generation of more than 33.5 million invalid renewable fuel tax credits, ref. 1.

Imperial Petroleum’s president, Jeffrey Wilson, was indicted in September 2013 along with Craig Ducey, e-Biofuels’ former president, in the alleged biofuels scam. Ducey and Wilson are scheduled to stand trial in federal court in Indianapolis, IN on March 14, 2014. ref. 1.

This legal action and similar legal actions, are paid for by taxpayers, petroleum consumers and the stockholders of publicly held petroleum companies. A continuation of these alleged illegal activities and the associated legal expenses is easily stopped. If you think you are helping to pay for these alleged violations and would like to stop paying in the future, please read the book: “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan” by Brad Linscott. This book provides a plan to stop these types of legal actions in the future.

Ref. 1 Evansville Courier & Press, Jan. 12, 2014.